Enviroment Friendly
Enviroment Friendly
Long Cycle Life
Long Cycle Life
Emergency Backup
Emergency Backup

Main Applications

Audio Products

Cell Model: KESHEE18650 3.6V 3200mAh
Battery Pack: 1S1P, 1S2P, 2S2P, 2S4P, etc

Smart Home

Cell Model: KESHEE 102573-2000mAh Battery Pack: 2S1P

Medical Device

Battery Type: coin cell, curved battery, lithium-ion polymer battery, thin battery, etc
Feature: different type, can be customized

Ebike & Scooter

With 2 years warranty years.
More than 50 models.

Energy Storage

Multi-cells battery pack in series and parallel With CANbus, RS485, RS232, etc

Portable Power Station

Type: 150Wh, 200Wh, 500Wh

Main Products

  1. 18650 battery
    18650 battery
  2. 18650 li-ion battery
    18650 li-ion battery
  3. Robotic battery pack
    Robotic battery pack
  4. 150Wh UPS
    150Wh UPS
  5. 500Wh UPS
    500Wh UPS
  6. 18650 battery pack
    18650 battery pack
  7. Ebike battery
    Ebike battery